Revolutionary Ideas Drove Cliq, Andrew Phillips To Top Of The Payment Card Industry

Can you imagine a world where your debit or credit card was either useless at the local department store or it could be run by cashier, but you’d have to wait weeks for the payment to clear? Spurred by such inconveniences, Andrew Phillips of Cliq would set out to revolutionize the industry while creating companies that would make life easier for merchants, employers and workers. It was 1982 when Mr. Phillips entered the payment processing industry with a focus on check authorization and collections. It didn’t take long for him to set his sights on the antiquated check authorization process and do away with the need for companies to write down a credit card account number on a deposit slip then take said slip to the bank. After hiring a team of developers to revolutionize electronic authorizations, Mr. Phillips would establish Integrated Transaction Services. This was to be the first of many successful automated payment industry-related ventures for Andrew Phillips and Cardflex.

Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, Cliq’s Andrew Phillips would take his technology to supermarkets through in-lane debit card and EBT card processing and even be the first company to put a credit card reader in UPS stores. To the former point, Andrew Phillips and Cardflex had been so successful that his company was one of a very few  in the country that were part of the federal government’s EBT program in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Toward the turn of the century, Mr. Phillips’ company created a working internet based payment gateway and even developed a way for merchants to accept payments made by customers using a flip phone. During the early 2000s, Mr. Phillips would be recruited to serve as president of TransFirst’s Independent Sales Services business and assist the company as it worked to retain merchants. By the time of his departure, the payment solutions company was adding nearly 4,000 merchants each month.

Come 2007, Andrew Phillips’ Cardflex venture would truly take off. During the first year of operation, the pre-paid card services overseen by the company were complimented by automated clearing house and debit card transaction processing. It was this all-encompassing business approach that gave the company a reputation of thinking outside the box. With Cliq, Andrew Phillips further oversaw the roll-out of a tip-payment system for gratuity industry employees known as TipCentral. To this day, Mr. Phillips and Cliq continue to develop real-time funding solutions to card-based payment systems.